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The pandemic is not yet over, but the market signals are good. Not easy. We love restaurants, and we love helping the market with our solutions.

The crisis brought on by the pandemic has also brought on a lot of innovation, especially in technology and consumer behaviour. Indeed, brand experimentation and the use of technology are helping restaurants collect more value and return to pre-pandemic levels.

Related to 2021, data showed that consumers spent more money on restaurant visits on average, due in part to fewer choices of restaurants opening. The out-of-home market remains stable, but the dine-in business has recovered.

The year 2022 will bring an evolution in consumer approaches and we agree with an expert like Jack Li (Datassential) as restaurants need to find solutions for the expected traffic at home. We need a holistic digital infrastructure and we need to optimize kitchen operations to meet the new demand.

Customers will also demand a wider range of menus choice, including the new area of plant-based offerings. One clear reason for this is customers’ environmentally friendly preferences. Value of spend is one of the top three reasons for choosing a restaurant.

GestExpress helps restaurants understand customers and predict trends. Dynamic menus help chefs find recipes and flavours that are most valued in their specific market with less effort.

With our innovative solution, you get an intelligent dashboard at a glance that helps you optimize workload and find the best balance to have happy customers. Every increase in customer retention rate is worth it for the restaurant’s revenue.


Have a look at this interesting post of Alice Kelso, you can read it 7 minutes.



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