Pizza, a Long Story

Pizza is still one of the world's favourite foods. We love it, and we love helping pizza makers grow.

Google today’s interactive Doodle celebrates one of the world’s most popular dishes—pizza! On this day in 2017, the culinary art of Neapolitan “Pizzaiuolo” was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

GestExpress helps the “pizzaiuolo” in understanding customers and forecasting trends. That way happy customers come back more often, increasing the retention rate of the pizzeria. This is part of our mission.

The southwestern Italian city of Naples is widely credited as the birthplace of the pizza known today (dough layered with tomatoes and cheese) in the late 1700s. Today, an estimated five billion pizzas (350 slices per second in the U.S. alone) are consumed internationally each year.

The year 2022 is approaching and the forecasts for the global pizza market are very good: it will continue to grow steadily (source: Euromonitor International) reaching $141.1 billion in sales in 2022, an increase of 6.7%. The two markets with the highest growth are expected to be Eastern Europe (>12% growth) and Latin America (>12%). North America will also experience good overall growth of more than 5% to $56.5 billion.

A confirmed trend for the period 2021-2025 proceeding at a CAGR of 5.45% (source: Research and Market).



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